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Sarah has a hard time imagining being bored because there are too many things to be interested in! Some of her bigger passions include reading, travel, animals, arts & entertainment, movies, and bible study. 

Reading: Sarah keeps an annual list of the books she reads (either with her eyes or her ears) with the yearly total hovering in the 50-70 range. She loves the way a brand new book smells when it is first opened, has bookshelves filled with her favorite books, holds library cards in five cities, plans books to bring on vacation to coordinate with the destination, has a ready recommendation for anyone, and can only workout if distracted by listening to a good book.

Travel: Sarah has traveled to 26 countries outside the US, bringing her children along to 15 of them. She and her husband believe when you experience another culture your mind and perspectives are changed forever in the very best of ways, so they started bringing their children with them when the oldest was just 5 months old. Their family still loves traveling together as adults. Sarah is always thinking about where in the world to go next and topping the list of places not yet visited are: Israel, Scandinavia, Colombia, and Scotland. Plus there are many places she would love to re-visit of course!

Animals: Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota led to a long list of dogs, cats, cattle, rabbits, chickens, pigs, and a turkey that were part of farm life. This led to a life-long love of animals. In addition to our beloved dogs (Jazz, Cosmo, Marshall, & Stella) and cats (Hagrid, Gandalf, and Dorris), Sarah's children had Black Bear and Syrian hamsters (breeds which have an uncanny knack of escape, but not of hiding), a chinchilla named Muerte (yes, we know it means "death" in Spanish, but it is also a favorite movie character), and several white rats (3rd-grade science projects needing a home at the end of the school year. Students had to bring the teacher a parent-signed note verifying it was ok to be in the drawing to "win" a rat, and we somehow won the drawing every time).

Arts & Entertainment: Sarah and her husband enjoy visiting art museums around the world and live entertainment in various forms - sporting events, concerts, musical theatre, plays, symphonies, ballet and opera.

Movies: As with a lot of book lovers, Sarah also loves movies. A good story is a good story! Her very favorite movies often are those based on books, like "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the "Harry Potter" series, but she also loves a good comedy, sci-fi/fantasy, action/adventure, romance, animation, drama, well...really she just likes movies that tell a good story!

Bible Studies: Sarah has enjoyed being part of bible studies for years and has completed over 70 studies. Her favorite bible study authors are Beth Moore, Kristi McLelland, and Priscilla Shirer.

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